Human Resources Program

Human Resources System with a wide reputation in Egypt and the Arab world:

  • An integrated system that achieves complete control over the daily work and functions within the organizations and organizes the work within human resources and personnel departments in order to reach the full mechanism of daily transactions within the management and establishment.

  • The development of information technology since the production of the human resources system has been continuously developed and updated to keep pace with the latest technological developments in the field of computer software.

  • The human resources system is concerned with providing all historical, current and future information on human resources and providing them to those interested in such resources, whether internal or external, to know the value of human resources, which are the most valuable assets in the organizations. They help to measure the value of human resources And contribute to the planning of resources at the level of enterprises through contributing to the formulation of employment policies and employment and associated policies of recruitment and promotions, incentives and training or even dispensed with scientific and sound, well thought out and planned.

      It is the basic and central system in the group of programs where the employee file is configured before it can be dealt with through any other system. The system provides many effective and easy to handle tools. The main screen is designed to show all the important details of the employee's data without being exposed to the money. The main screen displays all the functions available for each user (system functions are blocked or enabled for each user) On one side of the system security).
      Contains data that covers all the information about the employee, the company can through this file to feed the program with all the information of the employee on which the program determines the way it will deal with the employee through the documents on the human resources system, in addition to access to all statistical information Balances and other employee data recorded through human resources system documents.
      The basic data covers all the information necessary to identify an employee who clearly identifies his / her personality and can add a personal profile.
      Secondary data can be entered at any time after the employee's definition or when available (some features of the program do not deal with the employee in the absence of such data as the bank account number / insurance number)
      It determines the location of the employee within the company system in addition to the set of dates that the program calculates depending on the date of the beginning of the service and the date of birth.
      • The company helps to determine how to deal with external and sovereign entities in relation to the employee (income taxes / social insurance / banks) and helps to obtain monthly cost data based on pre-defined positions by the company's financial specialists (Cost Center / / Sites).
      • Through the employee file, all data relating to the contract of the employee, his social status, the military service statement and the health insurance statement, as well as all the information on the special leave (annual and casual), and follow-up of the program for the rest of the leave balance, Separate all wage elements.
      • The previous insurance periods, if any, and life insurance documents are also recorded for their effect on the tax and social insurance accounts, with an integrated and flexible system for employee advances.
      The employee can record all salary data, such as basic salary, subsistence allowance, travel allowance, daily wage, hourly wage, other important parameters for calculating the wage and deal with it. The company can also develop a hypothetical plan based on Salary between several cost centers for the employee.
      • An integrated file for the employee and the various loan extensions with details of each item and its movement with the possibility of printing a statement of account of the contract or the movement of advances to each employee individually, with the possibility of knowing the number of premiums for each advance and the number of installments paid from each advance and the rest thereof. In large companies, one of the advantages available to the employee is the possibility of direct borrowing from the company with the payment of the advance in installments deducted from the monthly salary of the employee, in other cases a fixed percentage of the employee for a specific party for a limited period, or may be paid fines on the employee (Traffic violations, for example, in the case of drivers) with their installment on the employee, and each employee has his own conditions in terms of salary and ability to pay, so it was necessary to have a very easy and flexible system of advances, the advance is recorded with the monthly installment value and the program calculates The number of installments or recording the number of installments and the program calculates the value of St taking into account that the value of the fractions are migrated to another premium.

      • Possibility of recording old advances.
      • The possibility of disabling the installments at any time and for a specified period and the program automatically deducts again on the date specified in advance.
      • Possibility of rescheduling in or time
      • The possibility of paying the full value of the advance or part thereof at any time
      • The possibility of repeated deduction with each amount paid to the employee per month
      • Changing the properties of the advance at any time very easily
        All of the above is subject to the powers available to the user.
          The salary scale is automatically recorded from the system when a change occurs on monthly fixed wage items.
          The possibility of dealing with the fellowship fund if it is present in the establishment, indicating the historical movement of each individual employee.
          - Comprehensive coverage of all business requirements with many details helping to make a sound decision - Comprehensive employee information covering all the required information about the employee - Comprehensive registration of all qualifications obtained by the employee, which increases the company's ability to choose the best possible elements in the search for internal competencies. - Follow up the insurance documents issued through the company to a particular employee, which facilitates the tracking of renewal dates and know what the company needs new documents for each employee according to the nature of his work / company activity. - Registration of all allowances received by the employee with a statement of gradation to find out the functional history of the employee, with the possibility of registration of a bonus to affect at a later date and the system to address all financial changes arising from the premium. - Comprehensive and accurate follow-up of promotions with an indication of the status of the employee before and after the promotion (current / previous job, current / previous administration, current / previous job specialization ... etc) and whether the promotion with change in salary or job change Just. - Knowing the balance and quality of holidays with the possibility to know historical data and also the migration of holidays from one year to the other according to the policy followed by the company. - The reward and punishment is an effective element in the management of human entities of all types and forms and therefore it was necessary to have a special section of the sanctions, and through the historical data of sanctions can know whether the cause of the penalty is repeated before and on the basis of which the right and appropriate decision is taken for each case . - The end of service of the employee in any company has more than one case, so it is necessary to know the reason for the end of service either by resignation or termination through the company (Rafid), death, pension, disability, work injury or transfer to another company (sister or subsidiary). - The employee may have previously worked in the company before and under circumstances moved to another job and then returned to the same company or was transferred from another company (sister or subsidiary - when the transfer of staff from one company to another is recorded service termination of the employee in the old company and the restoration Appointment of him in the new company with the transfer of all the data related to him to the new company and retain its historical and financial data in the old company). - In the case of the employee whose nature necessitates the presence of a vehicle belonging to the company, the registration of the car data in full, with the possibility of registration of emergency renovations on the car. - Easy setup wizard with a few steps that helps to move the employee from one company to another - The possibility of recording the annual allowance collectively in accordance with the specific conditions of the user and according to the company policy. - The possibility of calculating the annual incentives according to the result of the performance appraisal system and based on the company policy followed in each case separately. - Travel allowances with complete and comprehensive data for each employee with the possibility of printing.
          - Complete and comprehensive planning of all elements required to work with an effective HR system that increases productivity, improves performance and reduces the burden on users. - The previous career history of any employee prior to joining the company is very sensitive and gives the decision maker the right background about the employee's abilities and his actual and practical potential. - At some point the company may need certain skills in people you trust, and there is no better than the current employees of the company and therefore the skills of each employee should be clarified and recorded. - One of the factors affecting the development of any company is the continuous and planned training of its employees. When recording the training data of a staff member, the registration of important data (type of training, internal / external / previous, period, service provider, etc.) This is to identify the needs of human resources management and planning for strong training plans that add value to the capabilities and skills of the employees of the company, which is reflected on their productivity and performance. - Performance evaluation of the stress management tasks of human resources, which led us to design a separate system (APSWorxXM) and until the system is fully interconnected the data entered from the new system with the main system to be all employee data are available from any site and in full.
            The monthly movement includes monthly inputs, due and deducted from the employee, and has many movements such as:
            • Monthly wage
            • Additional pay
            • Incentives
            • reward
            • Additional Fee 2
            • Incentives 2
            • Commission
            • Grant
            • Cash Allowance for Holidays
            • Fixed car allowance
            • Variable salary differences
            • Indemnity

                • Annual Settlement
                •  Tax containers
                •  Insurance vessels
                •  Different pay vessels
                •  Cost centers and analyzes
                •  Departments enumeration
                •  Benefits and deductions are variable and can be added by the user.
                •  Interconnecting with a number of banks and adopting the program data from them
                •  Special system for employee personal services
                •  A large number of reports, whether internal or directed to governmental or foreign bodies and agencies (unions / banks / recruitment / education, etc.)
                •  Full, comprehensive and effective interconnection of all systems to benefit the company's business
                •  Issue daily traffic restrictions and monthly salaries

                    general features

                    The HR system contains a set of integrated subsystems such as: 
                    • HR
                    • Wages
                    • Personnel
                    • Performance evaluation
                    • Training
                    • Attendance and departure
                    • Information center
                    • Personal staff services
                    • Terminate the service and evacuate the party
                    • Guide staff documents

                          Having important documents is very good, keeping them from being damaged is something that can be achieved, but getting information easily and quickly is only accessible with the Employee Data Archive.

                                A system to monitor the attendance and departure of employees in an automated manner and to implement various work policies. Different.

                                      Performance evaluation is the system that helps in measuring and evaluating the relationship between the efficiency of the worker's performance and the duties and responsibilities of the job that he occupies and each of his behavior and ability to perform these duties and responsibilities in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses in past performance and determine how to avoid weaknesses and invest the strengths in time In the future and in the future to achieve the highest degree of efficiency of performance for the benefit of the individual and the organization and the community.


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