POS program

  • Security and continuity The program is capable of dealing with emergencies such as power cuts or any problem that occurs in the computer without causing the loss of data for the pharmacy.

  • Easy to update data and add new items The new items can be added from within the invoices and can be modified without the need to close the invoice

  • The flexibility and diversity of reports provided by the program is a wide range of reports covering all needs

  • Ease of dealing with accounts Access to financial position at any time and with the pressure of one key

  • User powers Control the permissions of each user individually or on a group image
  • Easy to use and simple steps Selling a product does not require more than reading the barcode

general features

  • Comprehensive accounting manual
  • Daily restrictions
  • The presence of contact support and showing the student number
  • Access to a comprehensive financial position at any time
  • A separate point-of-sale screen that makes it easy to work with powers, not to show all data to all users, and not to enable users to change inventory data
  • Support all kinds of barcode printers
  • Support for all POS and POS printers
  • POS system for POS
  • Printing Z1 - Z2 - ZX for Shifts
  • Print the movement of each cheft when it is closed, as well as the inventory of cash and can print the movement of vendors in each lip on its own
  • Print the movement of the day grouped at the close as well as the movement of sales items (groups) quantities and values
  • Automatic maintenance of all types of invoices during work and retrieved in case of power outages
  • The possibility of evaluating the inventory in more than one way, either at the price of the public or at the official cost of the item or at the actual cost of the item.
  • Ability to order orders based on demand.
  • The possibility of knowing the supply prices of the varieties for each supplier.
  • The possibility of knowing the prices of each supplier within a specified period.
  • The possibility of knowing the lowest prices for the supply of items during a specified period.
  • Exchange of items between branches.
  • The possibility of transferring invoices from warehouses to branches and vice versa without re-registration.
  • Remote monitoring of branches.
  • Possibility to follow up the suppliers' balances, their items and their purchase invoices.
  • Ability to control the suspension of forward transactions with a customer
  • Possibility to deal with more than one bank


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